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Marine Defence Simulation

Enhanced World-Leading Training Technologies

BE READY FOR ANY WEATHER. We help coxswains train and practice in real weather conditions and for real emergencies, safely. ​ We deliver high fidelity simulation and training solutions improving the safety of personnel and assets; changing the face of maritime safety. ​ Are you facing challenges with real world training solutions? Find out how the solutions from GMTS & Virtual Marine can help bridge the gap.

Virtual Marine FRC Simulators

Virtual Marine’s Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) Simulator is designed for high fidelity FRC navigation training through validated real-mission scenario simulation. This simulator is custom designed to match boat helm and navigation controls, and incorporates real vessel hardware.

Training Benefits

Fast Rescue Boat simulation increases confidence in seafarers, in order to respond to any emergency, and offers these key advantages over conventional training:

Training Objectives

Virtual Marine’s Fast Rescue Craft Simulator meets the training needs associated with fast rescue craft operation. This simulator solution allows for effective training in high-risk operations, in a controlled and safe environment. The solution is adaptable to a wide range of user groups that operate high-speed boats:

Embedded Navigation Simulators

Virtual Marine’s Embedded Bridge Simulator is a ship and navigation equipment simulator used for simulation and stimulation. The unique scenario builder software uses Virtual Marine Quest Architecture to construct and run simulation scenarios. The Embedded Bridge Simulator can be embedded in OEM consoles, as it stimulates OEM software with navigation data and RADAR software with RADAR signals from simulated scenarios. Varied sensor simulation includes: GPS, AIS, MINS, Gyro, Echo Sounder, Speed Log, and Metoc System.

Ice Management Simulation

Virtual Marine’s Ice Management Simulator uses embedded software to construct and run simulation scenarios, on OEM marine bridge equipment. As a ship and navigation equipment simulator, it is used for the tactical simulation of ice procedures in multi-year ice, and for calculating ice interactions against a ship’s hull and other ice floes that results from prop and bow thruster wash and vessel ice movements.

Helicopter Ditching

Virtual Marine’s state-of-the-art Helicopter Ditching Simulator on motion bed generates the experience of a helicopter takeoff, the in flight briefs, and the on-the-water steps to follow a controlled ditch. This safety simulator offers an innovative medium to practice both ditching procedures and the proper sequence for safely evacuating in a fully immersive environment